Wills and Estates

A will is an important legal document and everyone should have one.

Wills are complex and it is important that you receive legal advice when making a will. Mistakes made when preparing a will can lead to expensive court action later on which may diminish your estate.

We are experienced and will ask you for all of the relevant information to allow us to provide you the best advice for your particular situation. Some of the matters that we are able to assist with when preparing wills are:

  • Drafting your will to suit your family situation
  • Providing advice on choosing appropriate executors
  • Updating/reviewing your will when your situation changes
  • Advice on dealing with previous relationships and children from that relationship
  • Advice on dealing with new relationships and children in your will
  • Life interests 
  • Minor children and appointing guardians and/or holding assets in trust
  • Bequests to charity
  • Advice on the effect of marriage, separation and divorce
  • Leaving children out of a will and other Family Protection Act 1955 claims
  • Advice on potential relationship property claims on your estate
  • Understanding how you own your assets and the implications of this ownership
  • Dealing with businesses, farms and family trusts
  • Effect of promises made before your death

Estate Administration
Boyle Mathieson has significant experience in administering estates as well as acting for beneficiaries who wish to take action against an estate.

Estate administration can be a confusing and emotional process for you while you are dealing with the death of a family member.  We are able to meet with you to explain whether probate (when someone passes away with a will) or letters of administration (where someone passes away without a will) is needed. We can obtain both probate and letters of administration and can assist with the practical matters of calling in funds, selling assets and making distributions to beneficiaries.

We are always happy to discuss queries you may have an explain how the estate administration process works.  

The New Zealand Law Society also has a useful guide to making a will and estate administration which you can access by clicking here.

If you need legal advice relating to your will or dealing with an estate, please contact us today.

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