Property Law

Property law and conveyancing is a significant part of the New Zealand legal landscape. Our Property Law Team brings decades of experience to bear on your legal needs.

The property and conveyancing services we offer are:

  • Advice and assistance with buying and selling a house / conveyancing 
  • Refinancing of your existing mortgage
  • Commercial property sales and purchases
  • Trust work when a trust is purchasing or selling property
  • Leasing - reviewing, negotiating and advising
  • Reviewing and advising on building contracts
  • Subdivision work
  • General residential and commercial property law matters and disputes

Whether you are buying your first home, upgrading to a bigger home or buying an investment property we are here to make the process as simple as possible and ensure that you get your desired outcome.

First Home Buyers
We act for a number of first home buyers and we are happy to answer all questions and provide extra support throughout the buying process.

We can help you understand the different methods of financing your first home purchase – from gifts or loans from parents, parents as guarantors, KiwiSaver withdrawals, Home Start Grants and mortgages. We will also discuss with you whether you need to consider a contracting out agreement or property sharing agreement to protect your property investment. 

Whatever the size and shape of your real estate dealings, the Property Law team at Boyle Mathieson can help you maximise your outcome.

Download our Guides
We understand that the buying and selling process can be confusing for those buying for the first time and for those who have not brought or sold for many years. To assist with understanding the process we have included overviews to both buying and selling a property.   We are happy to discuss these with you.

The New Zealand Law Society also has a useful detailed booklet which provides an explanation of the buying and selling process which you can access here.

Refinancing Your Mortgage 

If you are changing banks we can assist you with the refinancing process with a quick turnaround where necessary. We are also able to assist with family gifts and loans and guarantor arrangements.  

Building Contracts 
Our property team is experienced at reviewing and advising on building contracts with the major building companies as well as independent builders. We are happy to discuss the pitfalls and fish hooks as well as the benefits to you.  

Our property law team has extensive experience with subdivisions and can assist you to work through the subdivision process.  Contact reception and ask to speak to a property lawyer to discuss your subdivision. 

Cross Lease Issues
We are experienced in dealing with cross lease issues, whether you want to deposit a new flats plan to show existing structures or you are having difficulty understanding your obligations under your lease. We are happy to discuss any cross lease matters with you.

Property Sharing Agreements
With property being a major investment it is now common to buy a property with a parent, friend or de-facto partner.  We are able to prepare a property sharing agreement for your use. This agreement will set out the agreed ownership, payments (for rates and maintenance etc) and agreements you have made regarding the property. Talk to one of our property lawyers about this today. 

Due Diligence
Whether purchasing at auction or by negotiation we are able to review the title and advise you regarding any registered instruments along with reviewing the LIM report and any other reports or information relating to the property. Talk to one of our property lawyers about this today.

Joint Tenancy and Tenancy in Common
Depending on your personal circumstances you may need to own property as either a joint tenant (when survivorship laws apply) or as tenants in common (when you can will the property to anyone).  As circumstances change there may be the need to alter how property is owned to reflect intentions and to protect property interests. We are happy to discuss ownership issues, what the best form of ownership is for your personal situation and how your current ownership arrangements can be altered. 

If you need legal advice relating to your property affairs, please contact our Property Law Team today.

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