Mental health in the work place

Emerging trends from WorkSafe New Zealand indicate that the mental wellbeing of staff should fall under an employer’s obligation to provide a ‘safe’ workplace. How are you doing as an employer, and how can employees help make sure everyone is safe?...

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Not sure of your boundary?

Sometimes the legal boundaries do not match up with structures (such as a fence or a building) on that property. What happens when the title does not match what is literally ‘on the ground’?...

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Gift or Loan? The importance of properly documenting advances between family members.

The trusty Kiwi “She’ll be right” approach is often manifested in a reluctance to formally document intra-family lending arrangements. Catch cries of “I trust the kids to sort things out between themselves after I’m gone” and .......

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Grounding the jet-setters

What are the rules around annual leave and overseas holidays now that Covid-19 makes everything so uncertain? Can employers legitimately deny leave if their staff disclose an intention to travel internationally? What happens when employees are stranded .....

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Defining a de facto relationship

You may have heard that ‘Marriage is betting someone half your stuff that you’ll love them forever’. But what happens about the ‘stuff’ you own before you formally say “I do”?...

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Getting Down to Business

A practical guide for people starting a business...

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