The Budget 2024

What does the government’s Budget delivered by the Minister of Finance on 30 May hold for you?...

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Invoices not being paid on time?

What should you do if you are struggling to pay an invoice, or have customers who aren't paying your invoices?...

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Commercial leasing and landlord consent

We discuss what a tenant can do with a leased property without the landlord's consent and what a landlord needs to do when a tenant seeks consent...

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Can your ex-spouse claim your property when you die?

Because married couples can't divorce immediately, separated spouses may still have rights to the other's property if one of them dies...

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Trial periods vs probation periods

We discuss the differences between trial periods and probation periods to help employers better understand their options...

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Proposed Changes to the Retirement Villages Act 2003

Considering moving into a retirement village is a big decision, involving lifestyle choices as well as a significant financial commitment....

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