Getting Down to Business

A practical guide for people starting a business...

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Lease vs licence

​Choosing the premises from which to operate your business can be daunting; it is essential that you know you are entering into the right type of agreement to suit your intentions. Leases and licences are common contractual arrangements. ...

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Britney Spears’ conservatorship - could it happen in New Zealand?

The American entertainer Britney Spears’ conservatorship has recently been in the headlines. She is asking American courts to reconsider the conservatorship which has been in place for some years....

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Buying your first home using KiwiSaver funds, but you are already a trustee of a trust

KiwiSaver members may use their funds to help buy their first home; this is straightforward. What happens, however, if you want to buy your first home and you are already a trustee of a trust that owns property?...

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Buying Off the Plans

What is buying off the plans? Buying off the plans is when you sign an agreement to purchase a property sight unseen, typically from a developer, before construction has been completed or, in some cases, even before the build has begun. ...

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Recent property tax changes

In March 2021, the government announced three changes to property tax rules that are likely to affect anyone with residential property investments....

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