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Notary Public

In New Zealand, a Notary Public is granted the title by the Arch Bishop of Canterbury in England under faculties issued by the Court of Faculties. A Notary Public is an officer duly appointed to:

  • Draw, attest or certify under official seal deeds and other documents.
  • Note or certify transactions relating to overseas documents.

In practice, this means verifying the identity of signatories, verifying both their mental capacity to sign a document and their official representative capacity, and ensuring that they properly understand the transaction they are participating in. In the New Zealand legal environment a Notary is often involved in taking affidavits and declarations for use overseas.  They will also be called upon to certify, authenticate and witness documents, note or protest bills of exchange or complete a ship’s protests.

These commonly required services are available at our Lincoln Road offices in Henderson, West Auckland, during our usual office hours of 8:30am to 5:00pm. If you require Notarial services please contact our office to arrange an appointment. Boyle Mathieson’s Notary Public is partner Fiona Mathieson.

When you bring documents to be notarised, please ensure you also bring photo identification, such as a drivers licence, current passport, firearms licence or photo credit card.

The hourly charge out rate for Notarial services is $375.00 plus GST per hour, with a minimum fee of NZ$90.00 plus GST for the first document and NZ$20 plus GST for each additional document.  Overall charges for Notarial services will depend on the number of documents, their complexity and the time required to consider them.

Apostille Certificates

An Apostille Certificate may be required in a country where officials are unable to determine on sight the authenticity of a New Zealand document. To check whether you need one issued, or what the requirements are, contact the relevant authorities in the country concerned or their New Zealand representatives.  The Department of Internal Affairs oversees the issuing of Apostille Certificates and a list of nations where you will require an one for your documents, along with their schedule of fees, can be found on their website here:

Authentication Certificates

Boyle Mathieson can arrange for the authentication of documents by the Department of Internal Affairs where this is required by overseas officials.  A list of country requirements and a schedule of the Department’s fees can be found on their website here:


Boyle Mathieson is a member of the NZ LAW Group, an association of more than 60 independent law practices, with members throughout New Zealand.